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Pilates and Eldoa

Your Instrutor Janey Walker

                        Janey is passionate about people enjoying                                             themselves and their exercise. After her first                                         Pilates class, Janey was hooked and knew she                                        had to become an instructor, which she did in 2002.

Janey has expertise in both Stott and Body Harmonics training. She is also an Aquatics instructor offering Private Classes in your own backyard.

          As passionate as she is about exercise she is the same about learning.  Never stopping to find new ways to learn more key exercises, improving her classes and her clients experience.  Most recently Janey became a certified Eldoa teacher.

Janey focuses on the rehabilitation of the muscles, fascia and the ligaments sharing her plethora of expertise in pain relief and self care basics.

Group and Individual Sessions are Available.

(schedule below)


Janey volunteered her expertise in the 2022 Passion for Wellness Event, here she is chatting with Cathrine about the importance of Self Care.

Virtual and Live Class Schedule

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Coming Soon!
June - July - August

New Wave Aquatic Classes
Private in your own back yard
Invite a few friends
Minimum 5 Sessions





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